Monday, 27 August 2012

white house flowers and kye

the shop: white house flowers

location: 35 pittwater rd manly
contact: 02 9977 5323
signature style: beachside chic

the florist: kye

number of years in floristry: 8

best thing about being a florist: working with amazing individuals. putting a smile on people's faces.

favourite flower combination: i love texture and using flowers such as white hydrangea, succulents, cymbidiums orchids, lotus pods, and different branches.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: floral styling for elton john when he was on tour in sydney- flowers in abundance!

you are inspired by: my staff around me.

you are passionate about: texture and colour. and im passionate about creating an awesome experience for people when they walk in to our shop.

the white house

loving the sunshine

sun kissed succulents

green and textured

plenty of colour inside the white house

flowers and more

stunning selection

shades of golden

young achiever

creative hands

striking symmetry

a lovely gift

showing off their stripes

wings of pink

jewel like

a passion for flowers

Monday, 20 August 2012

flourish flower merchants and claire

the shop: flourish flower merchants

location: shop 5, 126 phillip st, sydney
contact: 02 9232 8900
signature style: stylish in the city

the florist: claire

number of years in floristry: 16

best thing about being a florist: working with nature and creative, quirky people each day. appreciating the change of seasons through flowers and foliage.

favourite flower combination: i love tonal flowers and to be honest my favourite combination changes each season. i am loving coral tones at the moment. i truly love trailing stephanotis, though.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: it is hard to nominate one particular event but i did create some flowers for an artist friend's wedding that springs to mind. on all the tables were amazing terrariums with naughty miniature figurines inside of them as well as an abundance of exotic orchid stems and pitcher plants, displayed on moss. it's wonderful to be allowed full creative licence.

you are inspired by: artists and designers in a variety of fields. i am also constantly inspired by the flower growers, particularly their work ethic and the exquisite produce they provide us. my mum is also an inspiration to me.

you are passionate about: flowers, nature, gardens, food and cooking, my friends & family and the sydney festival.

best dressed window in the city

this way to beautiful

love, love

chic to chic

precious little bundles

brimming with life


a lush forest

an other world- let's go :)

bird's eye view

zen in the city

creamy whites

think green

natural and brilliant

the hands behind the glamour

some kind of wonderful


Monday, 13 August 2012

black orchid and olivia

the shop: black orchid

location: 253 wardell road, dulwich hill
contact: 02 9559 7731
signature style: urban cool

the florist: olivia

number of years in floristry: 4

best thing about being a florist: funnily enough my career in floristry was 15 years in the making, so i still enjoy every aspect of it- from the dawn starts, to walking through the markets and hand-picking all the things i love that day, to delivering my little creations.

favourite flower combination: spanish moss, succulents and cattleya orchids.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: an enormous wedding at new year this year. peak heat season. peak rain season. peak grower holiday season. not only did we get through it, we had flowers arriving on the hour every hour from every corner of australia. hydrangea, roses and tuberose were as far as the eye could see. it was simply stunning!

you are inspired by: the changing seasons and the people around me.

you are passionate about: my life, my business, and my family- i love all three.

a colourful welcome (all graffiti artwork through out by local artist, peque)

sitting pretty

telling a story

black and white and rainbow

white and natural

for the love of twigs

spring is coming


a meadow of purples

tied and wrapped

sunshine on a winter's day

shades of orange with a dash of pink

making her mark

art and life

art and life II

olivia, her hands on her grandfather's table, adding to his story

Monday, 6 August 2012

yuga floral design and setsuko

the shop: yuga floral design

location: 143 st. johns road, glebe
contact: 02 9692 8044
signature style: tokyo-paris fusion

the florist: setsuko

number of years in floristry: 12

best thing about being a florist: flowers heal my soul and to be able to incorporate the art of flowers into my work is precious.

favourite flower combination: east meets west style, influenced by ikebana. a bamboo structure.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: creating japanese four seasons in the main drawing room of the government house for the 2005 art of flowers festival.

you are inspired by: my floral art teachers, mami & keita kawasaki. belgian floral master daniel ost.

you are passionate about: food. photography. reading books.

teaching hands

flower school

learning to make a bouquet

spreading the joy

purple leaves

artful vessels




some of setsuko's treasured pieces





waiting to bloom