Thursday, 21 February 2013

luscious budz and suzanne

the shop: luscious budz

location: 515 old south head rd, rose bay
contact: 02 9371 7100
signature style: feel good florals

the florist: suzanne

number of years in floristry: 30

best thing about being a florist: the changing seasons.

favourite flower combination: just sweet peas- seasonal, sweet smelling, simple and also the first flower i grew with my very inspiring grandfather.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: my girlfriend's wedding where they allowed me free range to buy what's beautiful on the day and create an environment of passion and romance.

you are inspired by: scents, colour, feel and the sight of a flower starting it's season and the "language of flowers".

you are passionate about: life, my daughter, and my jimmy choos!

a hint of pink

potted purples

round table of pretties

warm and fuzzy

bottles old and new

by the window

form and colour in a bowl

artful display

a bed of roses

big and bold bromeliad

dahlia love

siam tulips

the deepest pink

hello, lovely

going to a chapel


from box to piano, why not?

petals galore

every size, every shape

preparing for a wedding

a rosy conversation

a free spirit

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

b & b flowers and paula & tammy

the supplier: b & b flowers

nestled in the rural parts of sydney's hills district, b & b flowers has been a family run farm for generations. with over 120 different varieties, it is regarded by many florists as the best growers of roses. b & b roses are synonymous to lavish events, stunning weddings and yes, that crazy-busy florist day of valentines.

the growers: paula & tammy

number of years as a grower:
paula- 25 years as a rose farmer
tammy- 3 years, after 20 years as a florist

best thing about being a grower: 
paula- finding new and old varieties, working outside in the fresh air
tammy- working outside in the weather, being close to nature and watching something grow and develop day by day right before your eyes 

favourite rose:
paula- too many for me; it's always changing
tammy- queen adelaide, she is a highly scented garden rose that is full of petals as a peony rose. she is not a prolific flowerer so when you get a bloom it feels very special

you are inspired by:
paula- the prospect of winning a lottery
tammy- nature in all it's forms, watching plants grow and evolve in my garden, baby birds hatching, observing the cycle of life and death

you are passionate about:
paula- trying to grow the best rose i can
tammy- flowers, food, creatures both living and dead. making beautiful and odd creations in all different forms

where roses grow (necuru)

makes the heart melt (lido)

beautiful grounds (fiesta)

like velvet (black beauty)

a grower's work (sweet avalanche)

sydney's best (necuru)

rose pick on aisle two (sweet avalanche)

a grower's work (sweet avalanche)

the lemon aisles (peach avalanche)

softly, side by side (sweet avalanche, peach avalanche)

early morning drive

the red aisles (black beauty)

fragile cargo assorted, peach avalanche)

at work and at rest (bianca)

the shed


best dressed trolley in town (left to right affinity, avalanche, sweet avalanche, avalanche)

like butter (tweety)

a feast of colours (from left to right nerang, bugati, tenderness)

soft and warm and kind (necuru)

sorting the selections (necuru)

pastel clouds (sweet avalanche, peach avalanche)

explosive colours (nerang, mixed mini roses)

like nothing else (poetry, tenderness)

quality control (tickled pink)

occupational health and safety issues

light, white (sanaa, akito)

many shades of pink

standing out (left- fiesta)

tammy, paula

tammy, paula (augusta louise)

the team

my kind of beautiful (white david austin)

for my mum (antique)