Monday, 24 September 2012

susan avery and susan

the shop: susan avery

location: 59 jersey road, woollahra
contact: 02 9363 1168
signature style: exquisite elegance

the florist: susan

number of years in floristry: 40

best thing about being a florist: flowers and events decorating are my passion, both my line of work and my hobby. i love being creative 24/7. 

favourite flower combination: natural, elegant, unforgettable avery. exquisite colour/textural combinations- each one a work of art. 

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: dalai lama, on several occasions.

you are inspired by: nature- so many colours, shapes and textures.

you are passionate about: my family- husband, 2 children and our dog, and my extended family. my flowers/decorating work. and travelling for inspiration.

timeless style

casual elegance


little green wonders

many shapes and textures

all the pretty blooms

the red corner

the lush corner

home, gorgeous, home

a delightful cluster

lavish details

weddings, parties, expert

stripes and star

every shape and every size

a wedding beckons

of brides and grooms

it's the season to be wed

Sunday, 16 September 2012

buds and bowers and jj

the shop: buds and bowers

location: 377a crown st. surry hills
contact: 02 9361 4015
signature style: natural and textured

the florists: jj

number of years in floristry: 12

best thing about being a florist: being creative.

favourite flower combination: cymbidium orchids are my favourites.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: a japanese themed event for a cosmetics company which included cherry blossoms and phaleonopsis orchids.

you are inspired by: my mum and nature.

you are passionate about: the business of buds and bowers.

blue skies and sunny blooms

poppy love

precious ones

little hanging gardens

sculpted beauties

shades of spring

pinky goodness

lush in red

jj's favourites

texture on texture

an eye for unique detail

wonderful in green

a succulent line up


natural and textured

nature's curves

happiness and hard work

Sunday, 9 September 2012

bloomey's and janet & nelson

the shop: bloomey's

location: 65 bayswater rd, kings cross
contact: 02 9360 1788
signature style: simply beautiful

the florists: janet and nelson

number of years in floristry:
janet- 30
nelson- 30

best thing about being a florist:
janet- there is no better product on the planet.
nelson- touching people's lives.

favourite flower combination: 
janet- favourites change with the season- love it all. it is about texture and form and colour tones that work for me.
nelson- changes all the time.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for:
janet- too many to name. we are fortunate to meet people at a time in their lives when they are expressing their love- a wedding, a celebration of any kind, even a farewell to a loved one. it is a privilege to be a creative element in these moments.
nelson- too numerous to mention.

you are inspired by:
janet- all beautiful things-buildings, fabric, jewellery, art, music, and the master craft of all, nature.
nelson- the seasons.

you are passionate about:
janet- not allowing my ego to get in the way of the product. flowers and foliage do all the talking- not me.
nelson- evolving gardens.

the bloomey's team- together, 60 years of florist experience between them

an enchanting room

full of charm

sun blessed

pretty pots, pretty blooms

stunning sculpted tables

'forgive & forget' -  giraffe illustration by michael commerford

a subtle stroke

a grand gesture

stately details

a gentleman

a lady