Monday, 25 June 2012

mr.cook and sean

the shop: mr.cook

location: 318 new south head road, double bay
contact: 02 9363 5550
signature style: organic luxe

the florist: sean

number of years in floristry: 16

best thing about being a florist: being surrounded by nature in all its forms and collaborating with creative people.

favourite flower combination: i usually prefer tonal combinations and at the moment i can't get enough of the frilled, double and parrot tulips.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: there have been a few; but if i were to pick one it would be a wedding in the maldives. stunning location and wonderful client.

you are inspired by: the australian landscape. and my dad.

you are passionate about: flowers. my dogs and cooking.

suspended by orange rope, a branch marks the shop

sean, the gifted mr.cook

impeccable style

wall of white and green

organic luxe

joyful clusters

cymbidium leaves and blooms

sculptural elements

beauty in the making

happily surrounded

wonderful in pink

pink and peach perfection

an elegant selection

one sort of unfolding worth waiting for

under water textures

in abundance

Monday, 18 June 2012

florid and angie

the shop: florid

location: 25 albion st. waverly
contact: 02 9387 8005
signature style: mad colour with a touch of drama

the florist: angie

number of years in floristry: 30

best thing about being a florist: the essence of my job is spreading joy. just joy.

favourite flower combination: at the moment I'm loving garden picked style:- queen anne's lace worked back with snapdragons, poppies, a big fat rose here and there, maybe a mad coloured tulip popped in. random delicacy!

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: james packers wedding to jodhi meares in 1999- great budget, great crew, amazing visual impact on a large scale.

you are inspired by: the natural world in all it's intricacy, forms, beauty and wonder. art, poetry and my beautiful friends.

you are passionate about: beauty, art and good conversation.

bursting with colour

white, yellow and lime on pink

precious little things

an ode to the australian bush

shades of green

a bit of drama I

the power of white

decadent in pink, with a touch of gold

one of a kind

colour on colour

years of inspiration

all colours, shapes and sizes

pastel profusion

delicate details

like a sunset

a bit of drama II

Monday, 11 June 2012

my violet and myra

the shop: my violet

location: shop4, 17-21 george st. redfern
contact: 0405 910 029
signature style:  enchanted garden glam

the florist: myra

number of years in floristry: 12

best thing about being a florist: the smiles you get...someone once said to me "everyone loves the florist." i didn't know what she meant at the time; but now i realise. it's lovely- to open your doors to smiles and hello's; like everyone walking by is an old friend.

favourite flower combination: as long as each combination has interesting berries and foliages, they all become a favourite. a flower may not always be the focal point; textural twigs can sometimes work just as well;  i loose it with!

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: my wedding! and yes, i was crazy enough to do the flowers at my own wedding, but well worth it. lily of the valley, tree peonies, lilac clusters, hellebores and seasonal spring blooms all beautifully made are vintage secret garden theme come to life.

you are inspired by: wild gardens, farms, country surroundings

you are passionate about: flowers- its simple, they just make me happy. this morning at the flower markets i spotted some tree anemones; i got so excited because i thought they were already gone for the season! it's the simple things.

a little bit of paris on george st, redfern

into the woods

stripey chic

assorted goodness

effortless style

colours pack a punch

a bit of romance I


like being in a candy store

a bit of romance II

myra, full of grace

vintage glam

myra's hands, just like her mum's

the finer details

in her element

a beautiful reason to smile

Monday, 4 June 2012

red fragrance and charlie

the shop: red fragrance

location: 2b clarke st crows nest
contact: 02 9439 9144
signature style:  classic with a twist

the florist: charlie

number of years in floristry: 6
best thing about being a florist: daily opportunities for creativity, working with gorgeous and ever changing stock, and hearing the beautiful stories that accompany each arrangement
favourite flower combination: a slightly quirky approach to whatever is at the peak of its season, and always with contrasting textures or a sculptural element
most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: flowers for wedding proposals and then flowers for "i do".....i love that story!
you are inspired by: nature- colour, texture, fragrance and contrast
you are passionate about: whatever is amazing and is in season that is making people smile. flowers have a fabulous effect on how we feel; i love being a part of that

by these hands, beauty and brilliance

rainbow selection

purple reign

tools of the trade

from box to bunch

brown paper packages tied up with black and green

nature's precious gifts I

brown bottle love

little gems

green things, big and small

think pink

crateful of goodness

buds and bark

golden, graceful

nature's precious gifts II

a bit of zen

like spring