Wednesday, 16 October 2013

flowers by teresa and teresa

the shop: flowers by teresa

location: 402 illawarra road, marrickville
contact: 02 9559 3369

the florist: teresa

number of years in floristry: 15

best thing about being a florist: the first glimpse of something coming into season and the mad dash to get your hands on it first.

favourite flower combination: our signature style is vintage, vintage, vintage......the shop breaths vintage and the girls do it with their eyes closed. my favourite flower combination would have to be gardenias, field roses and hydrangea.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: breakfast for a fashion magazine at bennelong. it was just a perfect time of the year! we used david austin roses of various colours, hydrangea, love lies, peonies, camellia flowers, giant pears, lemons and the list goes on...all the styling was left up to us- a florist's dream. 

you are inspired by: travelling to source new products for the shop. my guru and fashion.

you are passionate about: my three dogs and Tango.

still lives in yellow and black

the abundant table

shelves of heavenly scents

spring's finest

parade of pinks

purple haze

soft and blushing

a beautiful view

classic whites


beauty, big and small

the wedding season starts now


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

madam lampini and marisa

the shop: madam lampini

location: opposite 263 darling st balmain
contact: 02 9818 2816

the florist: marisa

number of years in floristry: 18

best thing about being a florist: the sense of freedom you get from being able to create something uniquely beautiful that you know for that moment has the power to change how someone feels about their day.

favourite flower combination: rather predictably it would be all the garden flowers- hydrangeas, dahlias, cornflowers, peonies, foliage, berries and so on. my parents still live in the same house i grew up in. i love to visit- the garden still has a wonderful weeping willow and copper beech tree. there are peonies, hydrangea, limey foliage and stunning garden roses. the front of the house is covered in wisteria. my mother insists that my love of flowers comes from the fact that she picked a fresh flower every day that she was pregnant with me.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: i am very fortunate in having had the privilege to work along side many talented people at some wonderful and inspiring events. a few that pop to mind include a funeral at westminster abbey. the space is so vast, stately and beautiful. we used thousands of garden roses- it was so heavily scented and emulated nature perfectly. i have also worked closely with quite a few very high profile actors, and i could have more than one or two stories to tell here but professional discretion prevents me sharing too much about these.

you are inspired by: fashion, architecture and travel and how these have evolved over time. i take great enjoyment from understanding why things are as they are. i have been heavily influenced and continue to be inspired by my family. my mother is very, very, very english- in a good way. she has a tremendous amount of style and has firmly instilled in me a strong work ethic- something you cant do without as a florist! my father is french italian and has taught me that true quality is something never to be compromised. his saying, "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well" rings frequently in my ears!

you are passionate about: my children, and my wonderful husband. they make me laugh every day and encourage me to do what i love doing.

shine bright like a fleur!

the madam's got style

the pretty flower van stops here

a lovely tribute to the newly retired joe, who was in madam lampini's spot for 20 years



some lines made by 18 years of flower holding

marisa's tribute to her grandmother

pierre hanging out with the blooms

blousy, blushing, and pink

the charm of green and pink

wonderfully wild

little pillows of colour

a country garden comes to darling st.

beautiful work in progress

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

poho and barnaby

the shop: poho

location: shop 2, 117 macleay st. potts point
contact: 02 9331 4333

the florist: barnaby

number of years in floristry: 2

best thing about being a florist: it's a very immediate creative process with so many different projects at once. everyday is different.

favourite flower combination: i love working with hydrangeas. they're so big and tactile. i have also overdosed on wattle this year.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: we're so lucky to do some visual merchandising for a large australian retailer. they allow us to come up with concepts and they're always fun to do. just yesterday we hung 1000 poppies to create a multi-coloured ceiling.

you are inspired by: the people around me and who i work with. we all have different experiences and knowledge and sharing these creates new possibilities.

you are passionate about: photography. i used to work as a  photographer for 12 years and still like to work on different projects. so instagram is also a bit of an obsession at the moment.

the new phase/face of poho

winter wonders

'go local'- poho supports australian growers and agriculture

carnations/blushing brides

wondrous whites

classic beauties

the colours of the australian desert

floral dance

understated elegance

striking lines

'go local'- poho prefers locally grown flowers and foliage

crateful of greens

blooming lightly

stunning cyclamen