Monday, 3 September 2012

matt bisaro floral craftsman and matt

the shop: matt bisaro floral craftsman

location: 773 military rd mosman
contact: 02 9969 3870
signature style: artisan chic

the florist: matt

number of years in floristry: 15

best thing about being a florist: call me weird, but i enjoy getting up at 4 am to go hunting for those special somethings at the flower market. in this gig, you get to meet many different people which makes it fun. i love how varied the work is and also the changing of the seasons; which makes the shop continually change too.

favourite flower combination: i could not pick one combo. i don't have one favourite flower. you can't; there are too many beautiful things that come and go seasonally. i do love reds and dark pinks and green and white tones.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: so many memories over the years. recently had to do a forest installation of branches, spruce and trailing asparagus fern and rusty lanterns above a huge dinner party table and carved 3 mounted stag heads out of oasis and covered them with green button chrysanthemums. that was a lot of fun!

you are inspired by: a wide range of things and people- various artists, sculptors, friends; and nature.

you are passionate about: painting, ceramics, flowers, plants, people.

potted choices

classic colours

bright and brown

a most beautiful passage

in the mood for red and pink

vintage love

special ones

country blooms meet tribal style

yes, please

past, present

elegantly sorted

from another time and place

for making art

happily creating

in full spring

matt, floral craftsman



  1. Replies
    1. matt's great love for flowers is evident in his amazing store. im grateful to have captured some of it here :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks emily! putting this blog together makes me ridiculously happy :) it is such a bonus that i get to share it and people appreciate it!