Monday, 22 October 2012

myra, from my violet and a wedding

the florist: myra, from my violet

location: 4/17-21 george st redfern
contact: 02 9319 3556; 0405 910 029

the event: a wedding

favourite bridal bouquet combination: my favourite combination generally changes with each season. spring is closest to my heart and without fail, i lose it over hellabore... just adding a few stems to a posy or arrangement, adds a touch of the wild and whimsical and makes me melt.

favourite colour palette for church and reception: the girly-girl in me is a sucker for pretty pastels and love the whole marie antoinnette palette, but the latina in me can't pass up fuchsia tones, watermelon, lime and!

three top tips for successful wedding styling:
- think outside the box
- work with what you have
- attention to detail

best thing about doing wedding flowers: i have been lucky to have met brides who share the same love for all things garden and vintage, together we chat for hours and lose ourselves in the endless options for their wedding. the end result is always crazy beautiful, tears, lots of hugs and a new friend.

most memorable moment from a wedding you have done flowers for: it would have to be at my own wedding, and my husbands speech. he thanked all our guests for coming and added how beautiful he thought the reception looked (he hadn't seen it prior to us arriving nor had he any idea of what I was going to do) - "everything you see here around you, my wife thought up, it all came from her mind...her imagination.  we are all pretty much inside myra's brain and this is what it's like". my friends still remind me of his speech and how much it moved them.

do bridezillas really exist :).....yes!

the day before the big day

dreamy weddings are made of these

handpicked best of the best

no thorns, please

something old

pastels for the tables

glorious blooms for a joyful day

the bride's bouquet, before

the start of something remarkable

magic happens

to bind and to hold

the bride's bouquet, after

the bride's bouquet, after

working her magic

for the bride's maid

the art of making pretty

for a little princess

for the men

here comes the wedding box!

sweet smiles are made of these

dressing the tables

a garden in a bottle

the cake, before

at work, a beautiful mind

the cake, after. time to party!


  1. Gosh this is beautiful! You portrayed her work to a T :) Those flowers are too pretty for words.

    1. it is such a joy to capture myra at work, weaving her magic with the most beautiful blooms!

  2. for the great information on flowers. It is quite effective and totally up to date.this post will help a lot of people.

  3. thanks for the comment @onlineflorists! i do take the pictures on a weekly basis, so it is a good reference of what flowers are around at a particular time in sydney. capturing different blooms as the seasons change is definitely one of the highlights for me.