Monday, 5 November 2012

the sydney flower market

the location: sydney flower market

location: parramatta road, sydney markets

the many roller doors that take you inside the sydney flower markets open at 5 am. most days, florists from all over sydney arrive here before sunrise, ready to stock up for the day's trading. with over 150 sellers displaying row upon row of fresh blooms and florists from as far away as regional sydney, all jostling to find the day's best buys, this place buzzes with great energy. it is an assault to all the senses, in the most beautiful way. it is easy to see why many florists are inspired by the markets- it's produce, and its passionate growers. wondrous things are everywhere- in all shapes, colours and scents. the hustle and bustle is over within a couple of hours, as busy florists, having craftily packed their trusty vans with the days finds, each drive off to their shops, unpack and start to make their own kind of beautiful.

before sunrise

blooming lovely

the calla lily man

start of the day

safely tucked in

a riot of colours

andrew from seasonal concepts, with an armful of pretties

it's not all about the flowers

an artist's muse

orchids, orchids, orchids

orchid alley

arm candy

after monet

tall, taller, tallest

flowers and numbers

the stems are gorgeous too!

avenue of 'natives'

softer shades of the bush

potted varieties

my kind of elegant

martin from potteround and his find of the day

the leaves are pretty too!

boxed and twisted

tropical calling

christmas is coming

two men, a van and lots of roses

little treasures

7 am

tis the season to be pretty

colour matching

martin from potteround with his trolley of goodies

charlie from red fragrance delighted with her morning finds

the trusty van

packed and boxed, ready for the shop

what a beautiful view


  1. A visual feast! I couldn't stop looking at the photo in your header this much going on.

  2. It is a wondrous place, with something to marvel at, left, right and centre! Definitely worth a visit, if you're ever in Sydney :)

  3. Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and follow me back.


  4. I stumbled upon your blog as I am planning to visit the Sydney Flower Market. This blog post has many beautiful photos and I'm feeling excited about my visit already! My blog is at :)

    1. hi there; thanks for your kind words. a visit to the flower markets is a must! a truly wonderful experience. make sure you go early (around 5 am) to get the morning buzz :) hope you have a great visit.