Monday, 17 December 2012

aleksandra, her studio, and a wedding

the studio: aleksandra flowers and botanical styling

location: dural, by appointment only
contact: 0407 784 144
signature style: bespoke loveliness

the florist: aleksandra

number of years in floristry: 5 and a half

best thing about being a florist: working amongst the incredible- nature. being able to hand pick and buy beautifully grown produce from local farms and transform them into another setting.

favourite flower combination: neon orange flowering gum is so extraordinary at the moment. it truly makes my heart sing and its vibrancy reminds me of summer in sydney.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: one of my recent and on going projects is that i arrange flowers weekly for the new qt hotel- an incredible, very stylish boutique hotel. creatively, it's fun and quirky, and very untraditional. so i get to be quite edgy with the floral installations. a nice contrast to the weddings i do.

you are inspired by: colour and instagram (totally addicted) #aleksandradiary.

you are passionate about: the simple things.

the event: a wedding

favourite bridal bouquet combination: quintessentially the peony is the most sought after, but i have to say you can not surpass lily of the valley, gardenia or the magnificence of a magnolia grandiflora.

favourite colour palette for church and reception: love colour!!! it brings a sense of celebraton and fun!

three top tips for successful wedding styling:
-keep it seasonal
-focus on areas where guests will spend the most time
-dont forget soft lighting and candles for ambience 
-and give the bathrooms some floral scented love (whoops that's four!)

best thing about doing wedding flowers: seeing the final result come together, all the creative planning revealed and the sense of achievement. happiness and gratitude from the bride and groom give me great pleasure.

most memorable moment from a wedding you have done flowers for: it's quite rare as i often dont get to see my brides on their wedding day, but getting a sneak peek, watching the bride and her brides maids with their bouquets- walking down the aisle, brings much joy and is such a special moment to witness.

do bridezillas really exist :) i think there's a little bit in every bride!! it's such an emotional time- a stressful, anxious and very exciting time! it's important to enjoy the planning, keep perpective and not to sweat the small stuff.

wondrous things are made, in a shed in dural

a farmer and a florist share a shed

buckets and blooms

i dare you to be happy

pastel and neon love

the florist and her tools

such beauty, made by these

endless possibilities

roses, big and small

aleksandra, flower girl

happily making

all the little things

in her own world

especially for the men

it takes two to tie one

peaches and cream

so much love

bespoke loveliness

travelling prettily

on their way

a welcome sign

not just another day

almost done


a dreamy way to begin

bringing happiness to a room

final touches

better than cake

final touches

prettiest mail box in town


  1. Beautiful John! You've capture Aleksandra perfectly! My favourite of all your blogs. I hope you can come by my new shop next year... yes... I said NEW shop!

  2. a new shop, jennie! how exciting; cant wait to see it in the new year. keep me posted :)

  3. Are there really some carnations I'm seeing? About time they made a come back! What spectacular wedding flowers!

  4. yes, carnations indeed! in my mind, they never left :)

  5. As usual perfect beautiful colorful photos!! I love your work very much! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. thanks natalia for the lovely comment. it is an absolute pleasure for me to be sharing the beautiful work of these amazing sydney florists!

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