Wednesday, 20 February 2013

b & b flowers and paula & tammy

the supplier: b & b flowers

nestled in the rural parts of sydney's hills district, b & b flowers has been a family run farm for generations. with over 120 different varieties, it is regarded by many florists as the best growers of roses. b & b roses are synonymous to lavish events, stunning weddings and yes, that crazy-busy florist day of valentines.

the growers: paula & tammy

number of years as a grower:
paula- 25 years as a rose farmer
tammy- 3 years, after 20 years as a florist

best thing about being a grower: 
paula- finding new and old varieties, working outside in the fresh air
tammy- working outside in the weather, being close to nature and watching something grow and develop day by day right before your eyes 

favourite rose:
paula- too many for me; it's always changing
tammy- queen adelaide, she is a highly scented garden rose that is full of petals as a peony rose. she is not a prolific flowerer so when you get a bloom it feels very special

you are inspired by:
paula- the prospect of winning a lottery
tammy- nature in all it's forms, watching plants grow and evolve in my garden, baby birds hatching, observing the cycle of life and death

you are passionate about:
paula- trying to grow the best rose i can
tammy- flowers, food, creatures both living and dead. making beautiful and odd creations in all different forms

where roses grow (necuru)

makes the heart melt (lido)

beautiful grounds (fiesta)

like velvet (black beauty)

a grower's work (sweet avalanche)

sydney's best (necuru)

rose pick on aisle two (sweet avalanche)

a grower's work (sweet avalanche)

the lemon aisles (peach avalanche)

softly, side by side (sweet avalanche, peach avalanche)

early morning drive

the red aisles (black beauty)

fragile cargo assorted, peach avalanche)

at work and at rest (bianca)

the shed


best dressed trolley in town (left to right affinity, avalanche, sweet avalanche, avalanche)

like butter (tweety)

a feast of colours (from left to right nerang, bugati, tenderness)

soft and warm and kind (necuru)

sorting the selections (necuru)

pastel clouds (sweet avalanche, peach avalanche)

explosive colours (nerang, mixed mini roses)

like nothing else (poetry, tenderness)

quality control (tickled pink)

occupational health and safety issues

light, white (sanaa, akito)

many shades of pink

standing out (left- fiesta)

tammy, paula

tammy, paula (augusta louise)

the team

my kind of beautiful (white david austin)

for my mum (antique)


  1. really enjoyed a look into this rose farm - the people that run it - as always John - beautiful collection of photos to tell the story - well done Sonya

  2. Thanks sonya! It was a lot of fun exploring the farm :)

  3. Would have been good to know the names of the roses you put up images of instead of the comments.

    1. thanks for the feedback. i will see if i can get the names from the growers.

    2. hi there, the rose names are now next to my comments for your reference. big thanks to tammy for taking the time to name the roses for me.

  4. Any chance you could give us names of the roses? Or are they specifically for growing on a large scale?

    1. hi there, the rose names are now next to my comments for your reference. hope it's useful :) big thanks to tammy for taking the time to name the roses for me.

  5. hi there. i will try to get the names from the growers and publish them as soon as i have them.

  6. I for one love your comments under the images. Beautiful work as usual John!

    1. Thank you! I love writing the comments for the images :) these images become very personal to me and so the comments sometimes reflect that. Great to know somone appreciates them :)

  7. This was spectacular... to walk among that beauty is a privilege..and gift... thank you for sharing it !!! I will book mark this blog!!!

  8. I feel very fortunate to be able to capture such beauty and talent; that I am able to share it is a joy. Lovely feedback is a real bonus! Thank you for the kind words :)

  9. Oh my this is so lovely & bountiful.
    I had to read on floretflowres blog in USA from a profile in Somerset Life magazine...
    Just so beautiful & labour of love !

    1. i am so pleased that flower lovers in the usa are getting to see the blog! it was always my intention to share and celebrate the talents of sydney florists when i started the blog, and to now be sharing it with the world is amazing. thanks for the feedback!

  10. Wow! what a magical world and right here in my home-land ..... exquisite blooms.
    And I though I had to travel to Paris to see beautiful big bunches of roses.

    "All Things French"
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  11. Gorgeous flowers, the roses are stunning!

  12. hello
    thank you for this great blog :-)
    i wonder if i could get b & b flowers' address?

  13. hi there. thanks for the kind comment!
    the farm is not generally open to the public.
    however they have a stand at the sydney flower markets, if you wish to visit them there :)

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