Monday, 6 May 2013

jardine and high tea with mrs. woo

the shop: jardine hansen pop up at high tea with mrs. woo

location: 72b oxford st paddington
contact: jardine 0412 890 841; high tea with mrs woo 02 8065 5345
signature style: fashion meets flora

the florist: jardine

number of years in floristry: 3

best thing about being a florist: being surrounded with treasures everyday that make me smile. sometimes when i leave the market with a full van, i become a little giddy with joy and laugh to myself on the way back. i love how instinctive and accessible floristry is and how it's actually kind of tough and physical but the end result doesn't appear that way.

favourite flower combination: i feel like it changes so much with the turning of the seasons but i will always adore putting brambles, branches, lichen covered sticks, gum nuts or rugged bits in with pretty garden roses. i'm recently smitten with tulips but i think they should just exist on their own so they can do that wonderful wild sweeping thing they do so well.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: i did an installation in a space that was once a puppet master's shop. it's in a beautiful sandstone building underground so it really feels like a cave. i harvested armfuls of jasmine and with the help of two lovely friends, covered the walls in vines and flowers. we covered the ceiling with old paper maps, linen and lace, tiny paper ships and lights. the installation stayed for two months. i held film nights there and lots of creative people used the space for poetry readings, shadow plays, drawings, etc. it was nice that by the end, everything was dry, nicely preserved but brittle.

you are inspired by: old people at garden shows who know so much about plants and nature and are so happy to share their knowledge.

you are passionate about: plants, specifically at the moment, my expanding collection of begonias ( such colours and textures! i could stare at those leaves endlessly); and my garden roses. and branches and twigs, moss, etc. also travelling and adventures in general.

fashion meets flora

pop up, going up

artful suspension

taming the wild

for mums, especially

in a window, in a drawer, a forest and a flower belle

golden layers


beautifully tangled

joyful work

nostalgic vignette

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

fashion and flora

potted lovelies

sitting pretty

hands that adore the wild

flower belle


  1. I follow your blog and look forward to reading your posts, they are creative, inspiring . Just had to let you know that you capture the essence wonderfully. A real inspiring insight.

    1. thanks so much lisa, for taking the time out to give such lovely feedback :) much appreciated!

  2. What a beautiful record of the meeting between Mrs Woo and Ms Jardine. Stunning!