Wednesday, 5 March 2014

tracey and her studio

the studio: tracey deep floral sculptures

location: studio G01 59 great buckingham st. redfern
contact: 02 8318 1177

the florist/sculptor: tracey

number of years in floristry/sculpture: decades!

best thing about being a florist/sculptor: working with organic material. the surprises that come with creativity; you're constantly learning new things and being inspired.

favourite flower combination: i love contrast, shapes, textures. im loving layering textures with splashes of bold sculptural colour.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers/sculptures for: too many to choose from. a couple of standouts- creating a sculpture gallery of works for the mission impossible movie; and an international commercial shoot outdoors during low tide in the rock pools of kiama.

you are inspired by: creating living, ephemeral sculptures. nature- its whimsical, playful, natural beauty. i find shadows in nature inspiring. i love the changing light.

you are passionate about: creating new sculpture pieces. they inspire me- food for the soul.

























  1. Thankyou for this beautiful post John! I love Tracey's work, she's one of the most inspiring florists around. Still drinking in this wonderful peek into her world. Thanks!

  2. hi claire, it's an absolute pleasure to be able to share tracey's wonderful studio and fantastic works. it's a real privilege to capture some of her magic here :) thanks for your lovely feedback.