Monday, 4 June 2012

red fragrance and charlie

the shop: red fragrance

location: 2b clarke st crows nest
contact: 02 9439 9144
signature style:  classic with a twist

the florist: charlie

number of years in floristry: 6
best thing about being a florist: daily opportunities for creativity, working with gorgeous and ever changing stock, and hearing the beautiful stories that accompany each arrangement
favourite flower combination: a slightly quirky approach to whatever is at the peak of its season, and always with contrasting textures or a sculptural element
most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: flowers for wedding proposals and then flowers for "i do".....i love that story!
you are inspired by: nature- colour, texture, fragrance and contrast
you are passionate about: whatever is amazing and is in season that is making people smile. flowers have a fabulous effect on how we feel; i love being a part of that

by these hands, beauty and brilliance

rainbow selection

purple reign

tools of the trade

from box to bunch

brown paper packages tied up with black and green

nature's precious gifts I

brown bottle love

little gems

green things, big and small

think pink

crateful of goodness

buds and bark

golden, graceful

nature's precious gifts II

a bit of zen

like spring

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