Monday, 11 June 2012

my violet and myra

the shop: my violet

location: shop4, 17-21 george st. redfern
contact: 0405 910 029
signature style:  enchanted garden glam

the florist: myra

number of years in floristry: 12

best thing about being a florist: the smiles you get...someone once said to me "everyone loves the florist." i didn't know what she meant at the time; but now i realise. it's lovely- to open your doors to smiles and hello's; like everyone walking by is an old friend.

favourite flower combination: as long as each combination has interesting berries and foliages, they all become a favourite. a flower may not always be the focal point; textural twigs can sometimes work just as well;  i loose it with!

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: my wedding! and yes, i was crazy enough to do the flowers at my own wedding, but well worth it. lily of the valley, tree peonies, lilac clusters, hellebores and seasonal spring blooms all beautifully made are vintage secret garden theme come to life.

you are inspired by: wild gardens, farms, country surroundings

you are passionate about: flowers- its simple, they just make me happy. this morning at the flower markets i spotted some tree anemones; i got so excited because i thought they were already gone for the season! it's the simple things.

a little bit of paris on george st, redfern

into the woods

stripey chic

assorted goodness

effortless style

colours pack a punch

a bit of romance I


like being in a candy store

a bit of romance II

myra, full of grace

vintage glam

myra's hands, just like her mum's

the finer details

in her element

a beautiful reason to smile


  1. Its like looking through the keyhole into a secret garden!!
    beautiful images and a pleasure to read all the loveliness
    that is My Violet!! Myra what an inspiring amazing florist and lady x

  2. beautiful! love! Myra - such beautiful shots of you and your space xx

  3. I say, Myra has an awesome green thumb! Well, the reason why everyone loves the florist is because the moment you take a glance at her work, you will experience joy. Imagine seeing Carnations, Tulips, Roses, Peonies, and Amaryllis in a room. Wouldn’t you feel relaxed and in awe? Myra did a really good job with that bouquet of flowers wrapped in a specialty paper with stripes, by the way.

    Willis Quigg

    1. i say, myra is one flower magician! :) be sure to check out the blog this tuesday, when i will feature a behind the scenes look at one of myra's recent wedding work.

  4. What beautiful images of flowers.