Tuesday, 29 January 2013

designs by boo shi, kristy and a wedding

the studio: designs by boo shi

location: 250 parramatta rd stanmore (by appointment only)
contact: 02 8668 4181; 0434 574 167
website: booshi.com.au
signature style: tailor-made floral

the florist: kristy

number of years in floristry: 16...wow, now i feel old!

best thing about being a florist: seeing the change of the seasons through the flowers. working with fab.

favourite flower combination: favourite flower must be the peony, or the poppy, or big beautiful roses!

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: mmm, wow there are too many! perhaps working in provence(france)- we loaded a dutch truck with flowers and plants and built the most amazing creations...memorable!

you are inspired by: my mum, my sister...floral artists such as daniel ost, jeff leatham, christian tortu....endless.

you are passionate about: boo shi, my 2 schnauzers, my life!

the event: a wedding

favourite bridal bouquet combination: i am a big believer that the bouquets should complement the style of the bride's dress. it is the most important image i ask to see when meeting with a bride as i feel this is the first impression for the wedding flowers and theming that i suggest. i love full petalled flowers such as open rose, lisianthus, ranunculus, peony, sweet pea. i prefer to use one or two types of flowers in a bride's bouquet as simplicity of floral can highlight, enhance the dress.

favourite colour palette for church and reception: this can vary depending on the personalities of the bride and groom and the locations of their day. a ceremony in a church normally calls for all white/ivory and green florals but a hint of colour can compliment nicely. a ceremony in a garden calls for colour...if it is a hint of pale pink, or peach or a bright pop of fuchsia, a garden is a place to run wild and free with colour, foliage and fun. if you are traditional, the reception normally complements the bridesmaids dresses...although i prefer to look at the style of the reception venue and introduce colours that are going to enhance the room and also complement the theme of the day. 

three top tips for successful wedding styling:
-you really need to trust your wedding stylist. make sure they are experienced, passionate, and you feel comfortable and confident.
-always try to stay seasonal with flowers as the quality and cost is going to benefit; unless you have your heart set on a type of flower, it is always great to hear your wish list!
-do your visual research before meeting with your floral stylist. we need to see your likes, inspirations, ideas...this helps us suggest the complementing options available to make your day perfect! pinterest is the greatest tool to use even if you are not creative...so many images that you can collate in your free time. for an example see our boards on http://pinterest.com/booshi/

best thing about doing wedding flowers: the phone call the next day from either the bride or the mother saying 'thank you' for the amazing work created! i think the greatest feeling is when you have that pure appreciation for your hard work and your passion...when you connect with a bride and a family and can make their day so special. that's what really counts.

most memorable moment from a wedding you have done flowers for: there are toooo many!!

do bridezillas really exist :) mmmm, yes and groomzillas too! i have been really lucky actually and not had many at all. i have heard plenty of stories through florist friends...lol! it can be a stressful time planning a wedding so i guess it's granted!

for fashioning florals

kristy- creative director

outside the square

pops of orange

fun in the woods

green, by the sea

a confetti of silver leaves

the ocean, in a vase

nature, styled

styling props

lovely line-up

summer scents

wall of wondrous work

softly, gracefully

setting the scene

ready to bundle

thoughtful placement

clouds in a blue jug

pretty accents

wedding day, two hours before the ceremony

where vows are made

best dressed chair

the start of something special

a bit of bling

long and lovely

fit for bride and groom

good enough to eat


  1. Love your work John

  2. John,

    You are an absolute treasure to spend time with...Thank you for our blog...hope to see you very soon.
    Kristy, Sonia and Ele xxx

  3. Nice. Love Kristy's and Boo Shi's work!
    - Scott

  4. Love your work Boo Shi, keep it up. Beautiful photos!!
    Sadie x

  5. OMG you are amazing, I am so lucky to know you for so many years now, love love love all of the beautiful pic, looking forward to seeing you very soon Darren Love our work :)

  6. I'm south American and all my life i was just interested in cars, music and football until I saw the work of this company...

  7. Hi, i dont know how to follow blogs, R u on Instagram?
    loovee your pics, am florist so you've captured it so nicely

    1. hi there; i joined the crazy beautiful world of instagram just this morning! see you there; my account name is johnmangila :)

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